Don’t Get Hooked Into Returning To An Ex And Bad Relationship

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The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a global where social distancing and self-isolation isn’t just optional it’s needed. During these occasions, it’s very simple for an individual to feel an amount of have to be linked to others. 

As with-person dating is growing rapidly hard right now, and certainly a safe practices concern, individuals singles living by themselves are particularly susceptible to the lure of returning to an ex and re-exploring past relationships. 

The Temptation of Returning To An Ex

If you are single and feeling the necessity to re-interact with someone you’ve had rapport with, even when it was not the connection you desired, you’re experiencing this for a good reason. 

Studies around the neuroscience of connections with other people have shown the mind is hardwired to search out these kinds of connections. Focusing on the neuroscience of human connection in social situations, Dr. Matthew Lieberman provides the theory that the opportunity to connect and keep social connections is an essential predictor of happiness and emotional health insurance and well-being for humans of all ages and gender. 

As the goal will be with partners that offer positive, uplifting, and supportive encounters, in occasions of stress or whenever we feel isolated or vulnerable, the requirement for any kind of connection becomes our focus in a subconscious level. 

Regrettably, this could lead individuals to achieve to destructive or emotionally damaging partners. In the most effective scenario, this means risking another breakup and unfulfilling relationship at any given time when you’re already vulnerable and emotionally fragile. 

Altering Your Mindset on Returning to an Ex

Social connections inside a dating context supply the chance to talk about, empathize, and support one another. During these uncertain and challenging occasions, creating a support network that gives this nerve need will help you to feel emotionally strong and resilient is paramount to prevent returning to bad relationships in the past. 

To produce resilience and also to feel associated with positive, supportive people, try these strategies:

 Be truthful on your own

If you are feeling lonely, frustrated, stressed, anxious, or unsettled, be honest and open on your own. When you quit to convince yourself you’re fine by yourself, you can begin to consider attitudes for connecting with. 

Build relationships buddies and family

When you may be unable to meet personally, social networking an internet-based video platforms give a free method to interact with others. You will want several buddies together on Facebook, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or other platform you select and host an online social gathering, a karaoke night or simply a chat. 

Practice gratitude

Find something inside your world every single day and become grateful. This can be contacting someone via email and saying thanks, or becoming conscious and having a beautiful sunrise or sunset. 

Find something enjoy and get it done

Staying psychologically and physically occupied with stuff you enjoy is a different way to raise the feel-good chemicals inside your brain. Read a popular book, begin a new hobby, or access a totally free online workout that you can do in your house. 


Getting outdoors, for a brief walk, is a terrific way to improve your physical and mental levels of energy. This is a method to see and speak with others, and outside spaces allow it to be low maintenance a minimum of a 6-feet social distance. 

Avoid constant news overload 

The messages on tv an internet-based from news outlets could be overwhelming. This could increase feelings of tension, stress, and distress. Limit your time and effort allocated to these kinds of websites and tv stations to prevent this sort of feeling. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and lonely, many therapists and counselors are providing online sessions. These is definitely an ideal way to produce a arrange for you to ultimately avoid returning to a poor relationship and returning to an ex with regard to security and support. When it’s done, allow it to be achieved and continuing to move forward. 

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