What Women Think Men Want Versus The Things They Really Want

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It’s funny the number of women and men assume reasons for one another. Which is from the charts with regards to dating and relationships.

Men want this. Women want that

What if that which you think men want is simply a metropolitan myth? Let’s say the things they really want is really not the same as the expectations you think they’ve? 

Question forget about, because we’re dispelling probably the most misguided beliefs about men in. Here’s what women think men want, and just what they really want.

What women think men want: skinny

The things they really want: healthy

Most men aren’t switched on by the view of emaciated runway model look-alikes. It normally won’t would like you to possess a figure that appears weak or fragile like one hug might break you. 

Obviously, every man is different and drawn to various things. Usually, men desire a lady who looks and it is healthy. If you are naturally thin, great. And when you aren’t, great. Don’t change.

Most men like it whenever a lady includes a healthy appetite. Pretending you aren’t hungry, existing exclusively on protein shakes &amp salads, and standing on a lasting diet isn’t attractive. 

I understand we’re under immense pressure as women to appear in a certain style. But believe me, whenever you embrace your natural body and start feeling confident and happy within, it shows. And that’s exactly what it way to be sexy.

What women think men want: somebody that fits their concept of an ideal lady

The things they really want: that you should be genuine

You are able to put on a mask and make believe you be somebody you aren’t to trick someone into liking you, but eventually, they’ll discover. Plus, why would you need to be other people? 

Most men (and ladies) don’t figure out what they need until it’s at the front of these. Which means it’s hopeless looking to get someone’s attention if you attempt to become someone you think they need. 

Many people will agree that probably the most attractive reasons for one is when they’re comfortable being themselves. When they’re not wearing an action, or trying to slot in. Once they own their quirks, and aren’t afraid to display to the world who they may be. 

The moral from the story? You need to do you. As cliché because it sounds, everybody else is taken. Seriously. 

What women think men want: somebody that looks immaculate constantly

The things they really want: someone who’s getting fun

Most men like it when you are getting outfitted up, do hair making-up. They also like it when you are chilling together in sweats, together with your hair retracted inside a scrunchie. 

A lot of us are self-aware of the way you look &#8211 because we’ve learned to become. Which can result in being too focussed on the appearance over just relaxing and getting fun.

But men don’t mind in case your eye liner is ideal or you’re past due a wax, or else you can’t be bothered to obtain outfitted up constantly. They much prefer it if you are relaxed and merely getting fun &#8211 whatever you’re doing. 

What women think men want: to spend time using their buddies constantly

The things they really want: the two of you to possess independence

I know full well that many men enjoy guy time. However, you most likely enjoy time together with your women too, right?

Most men shouldn’t spend time using their buddies all time. But equally, they shouldn’t spend time along with you constantly either. Because neither of individuals is good. 

All they demand would be to get their independence, and that you should have yours too. And that’s healthy. That’s great for the two of you as well as your relationship. 

As lengthy as he’s spending sufficient time along with you, and investing in your time and effort allow him to enjoy guy time. With no guilt. 

What women think men want: somebody that they are able to save

The things they really want: a powerful lady who are able to take proper care of herself

What’s frustrating about old favorite anecdotes and Disney movies is there’s always a Damsel in distress who needs saving. And a few women discover this is the way they’re designed to behave with regards to men. 

Some men will love being protective and searching once you, they still would like you so that you can take proper care of yourself. They shouldn’t be constantly worrying and fussing over you. That’s exhausting and can result in a poor, dependent relationship. 

A guy doesn’t need weaken yourself, so he is able to seem like a real man. Any man worth finding yourself in rapport with really wants to help you as his partner &#8211 his equal.

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Corey Barksdale

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